‘Equipe – The Team

Because ‘I Dare to Dream’…

Morphed from shy to confident, from simple to complex, from Fashion Designer to Computer Professional and then BPO Professional, meet Vikram, the brain behind Nefertiti.

Very quit, shying and always hidden behind the scene kind of person. Passion for Designing, Technology and Car’s, and Yanni’s music. Obsessed with off road driving and other adventure’s. Love colors and everyone knows about his obsession for color Red, even his car is red in color. Passionate to work on lines of the garment, and hand embroideries, especially Phulkari was icon in his creations. His designs was legendary and way beyond the time.

He started his own signature brand in 1994, ‘Miss Inca’, initially, a runaway success on ramps, however, later because of bad finance and marketing, the brand was not able to make a way to showrooms.

He is graduate from Kanpur University and holds diploma in Fashion Technology from IIFT New Delhi and diploma in Computers from First brains in Kanpur.

From 1994 to 1997, he worked with various event organizers and Fashion Designers. Also worked for Oswal Knit India Ltd. Ludhiana and Bangalore Knitting India Ltd, with French Designers.

He loves to work as back stage coordinator and successfully worked for more than 200 Fashion Shows. His first solo show was UPGMA 1994 in Kanpur, he not only designed a complete sequence for ‘Deeptax’, but also coordinated the entire show.

In 1999, he decided to take a break from designing business after completing his diploma in computers, however, his last show was dazzling ‘Brainselebration 1999’, where the entire show was his collection of latest classic designs. The best part of this show was the models, the students of First brains Computers, was trained as ramp models for a month. The show was mega success, few of the girls jumped into modeling business after this show. Apart for other shows, he was also mastermind behind the very first Fashion Show of SISI, Kanpur in 1999.

In 2000, Vikram joined Aditi Systems, and started working as Computer professional, spend almost 5 long years, serving IAF and IA. Later joined Dell Computers. At present, planning to come back to his first love ‘Designing’, however this time in different avatar.

Vikram is also associated with IPSA Shirts, Spice Creations, Shrankhla Boutiques, Dord creations, and may other brands. We have plans to feature few of his creation in our album later.

Your comments are always appreciated.


7 Responses to “‘Equipe – The Team”
  1. Noori says:

    At last… something about you, and its by Tina… amazing… after such a long time… hummm 10 years
    I must mention this, the above post only shows 50% of Vikram’s personality, when i was kid, we use to call him Einestine.
    apart from garments, he loves designing Car’s, interiors, house plans and any think you can think of. In-fact he designed 2 of his trikes in Kanpur.

  2. nwear says:

    OMG… its Noori… yes its 10 years and you remember me… thanks for your comments. Yes its by Tina and I requested her to write something about me for this blog… she is generous and kind, that’s why its all about me.
    once again thanks Noori, and be in touch.

  3. Sir… its time to change your pic…. don’t you think so?

  4. Anoymous says:

    The Brick/Dabba stuck between the tree doesnt do justice to yur credentials as fashion designer or Photographer !

  5. Sumanta says:


    Bhai team k naam par tu akela hi hai??

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