Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012

Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012

After the review of what will be the trend for this fall winter fashion style, here are some steps for you to follow this fall winter fashion style, helping to up-date outfits along with the matching accessories. There are eight trendy and stylish steps all together.

From the ’60s, the return of fur, python, hoods and everything that you cannot miss in your fashion wardrobe.

The eight essential items, styles and accessories trend for this Fall Winter 2011-2012 are:

1)  The hood
It is the outerwear chosen for the cold season 2011-2012, whether it’s short or long, bolero cape with colorful effect or 70s-style tweed. The hood is for everyone, such as the soft and flowing lines.

2)  The return of furs
Soft fur is a must for this season, as it becomes essential for day and evening wear whether in colorful ways, streaks, three-dimensional details, or even on transparent tulle and sequins details on the collar.

3)  Snake mania
Animalier, exclusively Python is everywhere, and it comes for accessories, coats, shoes, bags, skirts, and plenty other accessories. It doesn’t matter whether it’s genuine or faux, since the effect of python skins will never miss any fashion appearance, and this year it comes in colorful palettes, from green, blue, red, yellow, to pink.

4)  Color & Colors in winter!
Color blocking still rocks, not just the neutrals of black and white, but also other fantastic colors which divided into two main groups. The spices, such as yellow ocher, orange, dark red, burgundy, cumin, curry, saffron and paprika, and The mysterious colors between the earthy and the deep sea, such as green wood, oily shades, blue and indigo. Also this year the most important occasions are stained with powder.

5)  Looks of 60s and early 70s

As it has been reviewed before, the look of Twiggy and Mary Quant like the girls on the catwalk, the fantasies are mixed and the optical effects are multiplied, whereas skirts and dresses full of crazy vintage on the catwalks.

6)  Knee-length skirts and Palazzo pants
The etiquette of knee-length skirts silhouette and palazzo pants with matching shirts are featured with thin straps underneath, coats from the 50s, the long coats. Although the classic is reinvented, but the flawless style never goes out of fashion.

7) Shimmering and Glowing Chic
The flashes of light from graceful dresses come from such delicate fabrics along with the gleaming sequins details. The sequins are mixed, where  lace are lined with fleece giving such crystal effects tone on tone.

8)  Neo grunge and Sado Chic style
For those who just can’t make their own fashion etiquette, will have no worries since the fall winter trends as well come with biker and bomber jackets, such as the femme fatale with laces and braces .

So, be prepared with these trends during the season, we don’t have to buy the entire lines of luxurious brands in order to be trendy, just follow their way, and with some improvisation suited to our personality and style, we surely are ready to stand out in an amazing look.


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  • Fashion Dictums

    > The Human Shape is not necessarily the guideline for the silhouettes, nor is symmetry.
    > Add your own style punch to an ensemble with some kookie accessories and sharp color accents that add energy to your winter wardrobe
    >Old is new with a few exaggerations, some deconstructions, a few trims and a lot of irreverence.
    > Never lose sight of your roots. It's where your original style emanates from.
    > Mix up masculine and feminine detailing for maximum impact.

  • Lips Tips

    Lip care should be taken even in summer since lip problems are manifested not only in winter season, but also in summer. It is because lips get dried up soon due to the heat in summer.
    * Take half cup rose petals and make a paste of it by mixing with milk. Apply this paste to lips regularly. Natural ingredients present in it will keep the lips smooth always.
    * To a spoon of butter, add turmeric and paste in at night time. Change can be seen on regular usage.
    * Lips turn black due to heat in summer. Take Saffron Kesar and mix it with curd. Apply this curd to lips daily two or three times a day. Lips get good color.
    * Dried lips should be applied with almond and coconut oil mixed in same quantities. Lips will be moist for more time by this.
    * Wash the lips with tooth brush weekly once. Dead cells at that place will be removed by this.

  • Nail Layering

    Have you ever tried layering different shades of nail polish?
    This works best if you start with a distinct color as a base, for example, lush red, dark blue or purple.
    When the base layer is dry, add a transparent, brighter color. This will make it last longer and give you an unique nail hue.

  • MAKE-UP Moves – The 60s Retro Looks

    Eyes: Use your eyeliner well, either in black or the many colors available in the market.

    Lips: Gloss for the day and cream or velvety finish for the night.

    Hair: Keep the hair simple with a hint of the 60s. More chic and modern. Use a wide headband with your hair pulled back into a pony or bun.

  • Try Moccasins

    Girls are beautiful and they naturally want to enhance their looks. Shoes are a few of their best accessories. Some of them are so addicted to shoes that they almost crave all available designs. If you are looking for simple shoes for casual uses, please try moccasins. These are good shoes to wear with a pair of trousers.
    You can even buy a good shoe pair to complement your costume. Unlike adult women, girls can wear moccasins with a skirt or a dress. Girls find it easy to enhance their appearances than big women do. The mature ladies would somewhat look odd if they team up moccasins with dresses or skirts.

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